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Veterinary Diagnostics

Veterinarian Reagents

Vet Series Reagents

  1. VET Sulfonamides in blood.
    Rapid quantitative measurement of sulphonamides in blood
  2. Prometheus IgG Calves.
    Rapid quantitative measurement of immunoglobulin IgG antibodies in bovine animals
  3. VET Cholesterol
  4. VET Triglycerides
  5. VET CRP
  6. VET RF
  7. VET Lipase
  8. VET Total Lipids
  9. VET Magnesium
  10. VET LDH
  11. VET Urea:
  12. VET Uric Acid
  13. VET Total Protein
  14. VET SGOT
  15. VET SGPT
  16. VET ALP
  17. VET Phosphorus
  18. VET Total Bilirubin
  19. VET Direct Bilirubin
  20. VET Amylase
  21. VET Ammonia
  22. VET Calcium
  23. VET Glucose
  24. VET GGT
  25. VET CPK
  26. VET Potassium
  27. VET Sodium
  28. VET Creatinine

Special Veterinary Diagnostic tests

Milk Mastitis

Lactopast Biomedix Mastitis Test

Easy-to-use, high sensitivity modified california test to detect subclinical mastitis.
Result in 10 seconds.

Histoplastin Erythrophorte

It increases collagen, elastin and involucrin in the applied area of the skin and helps in the rapid and effective restoration of skin elasticity.

Histoplastin Erythrophorte is a powerful regenerative, corrective and reconstructive combination of three natural substances mixed with virgin yellow beeswax.

Intensive repair of the upper layers of the skin, for the rapid and effective restoration of all its physiological characteristics, such as appearance and texture.

Contains antioxidants, strengthens skin defense against external adverse conditions such as contamination, pollution, sunlight and pollution, while at the same time creating a protective film on the skin, while allowing the skin to "breathe".

Enhances skin hydration by maintaining its natural moisture. During all stages of mastitis, it can prevent inflammation and helps the immune system of the animal.